Frequently Asked Questions

What is responsible advertising?

Responsible advertising builds trust between customers and brands and ensures that some of the money involved in advertising goes to charitable causes – where the customer is in charge. Responsible advertising is a great way for businesses to show that they are serious about corporate social responsibility and their values.

Why choose responsible advertising?

Responsible advertising is a powerful way of building your brand online whilst growing engagement and trust with your customers. It shows that you are an ethical business with strong values – values that your customers share. It also allows your customers to donate to causes that they care about – at no cost to them – and boosts your conversions and bottom-line results.

How to be ethical in advertising?

With digital advertising, various platforms and companies share the proceeds of spent budgets. With responsible advertising, some of that cash flow goes directly to charities and good causes that need it most. This is a powerful means of delivering ethical advertising. Businesses can also think carefully about the messages they portray, the products they market, and the way that they make their advertising diverse and inclusive.

Do I have to create new video advertising content with Threeps?

No – you use your existing content and we then use our proprietary technology to add the necessary screens and frames to your branded content, so that customers can understand the offer and know that they can make a donation to your chosen charitable cause in exchange for their attention..

Why do customers care about responsible advertising?

Today’s customers want to spend money at businesses that they believe in. They want to support brands with a strong corporate social responsibility ethos, that resonates with their own values and beliefs. Today’s customers have the money and the means to shop at brands easily and to change brands easily – with competitors easily available in the online space. So brands need to step up and respond to these demands in order to stay relevant and successful.

How does responsible advertising boost brand building?

Responsible advertising encourages potential and existing customers to engage with your online content through advertising mechanisms that they are familiar with. This means that your carefully curated content will be consumed by online viewers – who know that they can make a donation to your chosen charity at the end of the advert. By then, they will have begun to build a perception of your brand and the engagement process will be in full flow.

Is it easy to carry out responsible advertising?

It is with Threeps! We use powerful and proprietary technology that makes the process easy for our clients. You simply provide your existing video assets and we optimize them for your campaign so that your responsible advertising element is seamlessly integrated into the video experience itself. This means that you don’t need to create your existing branded content from scratch for existing campaigns.

Do customers have to donate themselves when they use Threeps?

No – this method of responsible advertising means that customers simply need to watch your branded video for a minimum set time to unlock a donation to your chosen charity. Essentially, some of the advertising revenues that would otherwise end up in private hands are instead diverted to good causes. It costs nothing to your customers, and they remain in control at all times.

Will responsible advertising win me new customers?

Yes it certainly can! Today’s customers – particularly Gen Z and Millennial customers – really value responsible businesses with a strong sense of values, clear ethics, and a corporate social responsibility strategy. Brands that can show that they really put their money where their mouth is, and ‘do’ as well as ‘say’, will help to persuade customers to engage with them.

Does having a corporate 'passion and purpose' translate to the bottom line?

It certainly does! In fact, research suggests that companies fuelled by passion and purpose returned 1,026% for investors over 10 years, compared to 122% for the S&P 500. This means that sound social business strategies are now an intrinsic and essential element of sound financial business strategies. Why? Because customers expect to see businesses demonstrate ethics and values – and they shop at brands that do.

Is the Threeps responsible advertising platform hard to use?

Not at all! Our proprietary system is designed to be extremely easy to use. With responsible advertising in mind, our ads are watched for longer and deliver a better overall performance. You will see the same kinds of returns that you would expect to see from an optimized digital marketing campaign, but with the ability to empower your viewers to make a contribution to a cause of their choice at the end of viewing your branded content.

Can responsible advertising boost my conversions?

Yes! At a campaign level, we see higher engagement and conversion uplifts at an average of 20% higher when it comes to responsible advertising. This means that your campaigns can have even better results that your digital marketing goals demand – whilst also allowing your viewers to give to a cause they are passionate about. This displays your values, ethics, and social marketing credentials.

How does responsible advertising benefit charities?

Charities partner with Threeps to receive funds from our responsible advertising platform. By doing so, they have the option to be shown to viewers of our clients’ branded adverts. This means that charities can receive a new funding stream – boosting their donations and increasing their brand visibility. Our system provides detailed data that allows them to track these donations carefully.

How will I know that my campaign is working?

Our responsible marketing platform provides in-depth analytics so that you can track the effectiveness of your campaign, see your conversions, measure the value of the brand engagement activity that the responsible marketing technology provides and also see how much money your adverts have been able to raise for good causes. This data can be valuable for your brand communications.

How can responsible marketing help my brand?

Research shows that consumers want to understand the brand values of the companies they are considering buying from. In fact, 66% of consumers would even switch from a known brand to an unknown purpose-driven brand. In addition, they would even pay up to 5% more for a green product that met the same performance standards. The incentive to invest in responsible marketing is a powerful one!

Do customers benefit from responsible advertising?

Yes! They get to feel good about donating to a charity – at no cost to them – and they also learn more about new brands which align with their own values. What’s more, it makes them feel great as well. 80% of consumers feel they are doing some part in making a positive impact when they purchase from purpose-driven companies

How do customers learn about responsible advertising?

The premise is easy. Consumers watch your branded campaign videos and receive an integrated explainer that tells them they can make a donation to your chosen charity- at no cost to them – once they view your content for a minimum set time.

Does responsible advertising support CSR?

Many businesses have corporate social responsibility strategies and responsible advertising absolutely supports these broader business strategies. Furthermore, it extracts social value from digital advertising – a channel within which revenue has traditionally always gone to private entities. This extracts greater social value from online advertising and makes it something which can have broader social, ethical, and community benefits.

Is responsible advertising here to stay?

Yes, we believe it is a trend that will only grow and become more important. This is because brands are now really waking up to the fact that consumers expect to spend money with companies that share their values and which communicate this well. Companies that use their marketing channels to do good will demonstrate that they really do have a commitment to bettering the world – and not just about making a profit.

Can I get started with responsible marketing today?

Yes absolutely. Just contact Threeps and we will be delighted to show you an explainer of how our system works and what you need to do to get started with it. Our process and systems are intuitive, quick, easy, and powerful and our team of friendly experts helps you at every stage of the way. Begin your journey to successful and sustainable responsible marketing today and really make a difference – to charitable causes, to your brand value, and to your bottom line.