For Advertisers

Today’s customers are choosing brands with a strong socially responsible and ethical business model. So why not boost your corporate social responsibility efforts with ease and give back to good causes by harnessing the power of responsible advertising. Our responsible advertising platform and custom made charitable video format allow you to gain all the traditional benefits from optimised online advertising campaigns whilst offering viewers the chance to donate to charities you care about – at no cost to you.

    We’re all about building a better future for programmatic advertising.

    Today, 85% of consumers have a more positive image of a product or company when it supports a cause they care about. At a campaign level, we see higher engagement and conversion uplifts at an average of 20% higher when it comes to responsible advertising. Purpose does not have to sacrifice profit. Long term results are even more impressive. Companies fuelled by passion and purpose returned 1,026% for investors over 10 years, compared to 122% for the S&P 500.

    Take a look at your brand values. Everyone has them and consumers want to understand them. So much so that 66% of consumers would even switch from a known brand to an unknown purpose driven brand. In fact, they would even pay up to 5% more for a green product that met the same performance standards.

    Simply having values is not enough. Consumers want to see action, and brands need the right tools to be able to tell their story.

    Our mission at Threeps is to use technology for good. We enable brands, charities and consumers to make the world a better place. Wherever you are on your corporate social responsibility journey, our proprietary technology delivers the tools that support you in looking after your reputation sustainably. We assist you in communicating your values in an authentic way. Our offering allows you to meaningfully engage and connect with communities aligned with your values. It makes them feel great as well. 80% of consumers feel they are doing some part in making a positive impact when they purchase from purpose driven companies.

    Three Seamless Steps to Impact

    Build engagement, boost performance and give something back to our communities and the world at large with Threeps.

    Donate to a charity of the advertisers’ choice.

    Our unified yet flexible marketing stack means you have everything you need in one powerful UI, from DSP and DMP ad serving capabilities to seamless drag and drop creative management. You’re free to launch data-driven programmatic campaigns in minutes and spend your marketing budget where it matters the most, on media.

    It’s time to shake up the industry, and ensure programmatic advertising is done the way it should be.

    Ease & Simplicity

    Programmatic advertising doesn’t have to be complicated. With user experience and flexibility at its heart, Threeps beautifully elegant and easy-to-use interface helps you focus on the things that matter most

    Intelligent Targeting

    Our targeting capabilities include behavioural, demographic, contextual, geo-locational and contextual geo-locational. Powerful probabilistic modelling algorithms constantly work to improve performance.

    Transparency & Control

    Our fully-customisable platform gives you the control to run programmatic advertising your way, whilst transparent reporting lets you harvest uncensored insights to influence future activity.

    Brand safety, fraud & visibility

    We work closely with our brand safety, anti-fraud, and viewability partners to ensure ads are shown in brand safe environments, and are tracked according to authentic, viewable impressions.

    Online Reach

    The Threeps platform integrates with over 30 leading ad exchanges, covering 97% of quality biddable inventory across Europe and the Americas, including desktop, mobile and video formats.

    Data Management

    Measure & understand customer behaviour with our fully-integrated Data Management Solution. Dynamically build audiences with our DMP like audience segmentation capabilities so you can gain valuable insights from your customer touch points, & use them to maximise ROI.

    The true value of Responsible Advertising.

    • By donating to charity, we create stories that have meaning in the world

    • Increases positive and effective change

    • Builds trust and knowledge with consumers

    • it helps everyone – The company, the consumer and the world

    As a result… 

    • Consumers want to engage with your brand.

    • You can build your reputation in a sustainable, values-led way that consumers truly believe in – by showing your commitment to charitable giving (and enjoying a 20% conversion uplift in the process.)

    • Build trust with your audience, whilst reinforcing brand memorisation by 15 seconds

    • Increase advert viewing time – with 90% of viewers watching for up to 90 seconds if they know they can automatically donate to charity afterwards

    • Achieve higher levels of engagement with better video completion rates and higher levels of online sharing.

    Case Studies

    FedEx is just one global brand who are committed to putting their CSR strategy to work for the benefit of the global economy, people and the environment. They invested in responsible advertising with programmatic ad campaign technology which linked their online advertising campaigns to charities focusing on providing essential supplies in areas of conflict.

    With a global reach and purpose-driven mission, FedEx focused on connecting the world responsibly and resourcefully by implementing a value focused responsible advertising strategy which resulted in:

    – Raising £5,000 for charity, simply from benefiting social and environmental causes

    – Enjoyed a 72% completion rate, a CPV of £0.02, a CTR of 0.14% and an 85% viewability rate

    In FY19, they made continued progress towards their social and environmental goals and between 2009 and 2019 their average daily package volume grew by 99.2%. Over that same period, they reduced the intensity of CO2 emissions by 40% (on a revenue basis).

    Investing in your own responsible
    advertising strategy

    Wherever you are in your sustainable journey, we will help you to use technology to make the right impact by doing the right thing.

    We offer highly effective, proven programmatic ad campaigns that integrate with responsible advertisingstrategies to give back, whilst growing your brand  reputation.

    Simply use the technology-driven system to create and run your online adverts in the usual way before rewarding the viewer for their attention by making a donation to the charity of choice on their behalf.


    Benefits to your business

    • It provides powerful brand engagement benefits.

    • Boosts the effectiveness of your online advertising.

    • Builds stronger relationships between brand and consumers.

    • Promotes value around social and environmental sustainability.

    • Pro actively contributes to cause which are of value.

    • It amplifies your brand values.

    • Improves overall business objectives as a result.


    Benefits to the consumer

    • Time and attention is rewarded.

    • Consumers feel valued.

    • Can freely donate to a cause they care about.

    • Consumers understand the advertiser better
    and the values they stand for.