Advertising with Purpose

Threeps responsible advertising solution is a brand-new way of enhancing video ad campaigns that you are already doing. We allow brands to build and strengthen trust with consumers who are rewarded for their attention through a charitable donation.

    Threeps technology simplifies the onboarding of your conscious advertising campaigns by using your existing video ad assets to build the charitable video format. We then deliver to your targeted audience, using a combination of proprietary DSP and real time DMP technologies.

    Responsible advertising makes good business sense. It allows brands to emotionally connect with consumers whilst delivering powerful messages that support brand identity. It shows your consumers that you are taking purposeful action around your values, resulting in stronger and more sticky engagement. It drives conversations where consumers want to give back. 78% of consumers say they would tell others to buy from a purpose driven company. In a world of influencers, what is more powerful than that?

    Our 360degrees approach also allows you to transparently measure the contribution you drive to the chosen charitable cause and concretely understand how you are benefiting people and planet.

    Get on board and contact Threeps for more information on advertising solutions with purpose.


    How it Works

    Build engagement, boost performance and give something back to our communities and the world at large with Threeps.



    Increase in conversion * on average.


    Brand memorisation is reinforced.

    Improve Brand Image

    with a charitable association.


    of viewers finish between 15 & 30 seconds

    More Engagement

    with better video completion.

    Investing in your own responsible advertising strategy

    Wherever you are in your sustainable journey, we will help you to use technology to make the right impact by doing the right thing.

    We offer highly effective, proven programmatic ad  campaigns that integrate with responsible advertising strategies to give back, whilst growing your brand reputation.

    Simply use the technology-driven system to create and run your online adverts in the usual way- before rewarding the viewer to make a donation to cause that care about at the click of a button.

    Our ads are more ENGAGING

    Audiences watch our ads for LONGER

    Our ads cost the SAME PRICE.